We are a brand that uses fashion as a catalyst of messages that reflect our philosophy and beliefs. We design garments with messages and styles that seek to challenge culture with each garment and end the stigmas that prevent women from being free, from being what they want to be. We stands out for creating unique pieces. We interpret the universe of our customers and offer them garments that generate conversations that communicate who they are.

A MI MANERA is a proposal to do, think and feel freely, more calm and authentic.


Our garments are created by hand, by judicious lives that dedicate hours to do it in a different, careful and generous way. In A MODO MIO we believe in the talent of our women, because they have magic hands. We are more than 55 women: different in ages, tastes, countries, cities and beliefs that complement each other, we are committed and willing to solve every idea and turn it into a valuable garment.

We trust in our women who dedicate more than 40 hours of work by hand, embroidering dreams in each garment.  A team of super women who manage with our hands to bring forward families, present and future goals in order to fulfill illusions making statements to live "MY WAY".


Francesca Sesana Arbeláez, a Colombian designer with Italian influence. She has been building A MODO MIO, a brand to invite women to dare to be themselves with garments that become messages, attitudes, lifestyles and a personal statement, first from the designer, and then from each of the people who wear the garments. Francesca's challenge is to design garments that incorporate different embroidery techniques, exclusive prints and materials creating unique garments that break new ground.

Francesca highlights moments and experiences, playing with symbols and realities that characterize us and thus creates pieces that attract attention and offers an unconventional garment. Every day she wakes up convinced that she can contribute to fulfill dreams and give women an alternative to live "My way".

"A MODO MIO is a statement of intent: my eyes see life like this... so different, so many colors, so much.... Or so little. This is my story, told my way, because I want to change the rules for better, more generous and calm ones, I want conversations that start with a garment and end with a change in the way we perceive each other."