At A MODO MIO we create unique pieces grown in Colombia, we are a brand that uses fashion as a catalyst for messages that reflect our philosophy and beliefs.

We design garments with a lot of aesthetic power that seek to challenge culture and end the stigmas that prevent women from being free, from being what they want to be.

Our designs mix manufacturing techniques, embroidery, stones, textures and colors creating pieces charged with emotions so that each woman can express herself freely with original, different and unique garments.

My way is a proposal to do, think and feel freely, calmer and more authentic. It is an invitation to defend ourselves, to make a statement out of our daily objects, to use beauty as a means and not the end, because there is more to say than that's how we see ourselves: We must say that's how we think, how we act, in this we believe and for this we fight.

We are unpredictable, we offer garments that seek to highlight the qualities of our symbols, realities that characterize us through pieces that attract attention because they are not conventional, they are special that allow women to express their beauty. We work freely because we like what we do. A MODO MIO allows one to be free beyond stereotypes, criticism, objections and paradigms.

We want women to dare to express their beauty, to be who they are through a unique aesthetic feeling reflected in each of our garments. We are authentic, unpredictable, passionate, diverse, we don't like to hide and above all we are governed by magic.

A MODO MIO is a permanent invitation to live "Your way".