Francesca Sesana Arbeláez, a Colombian designer with Italian influence, Industrial Designer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, but she migrated her career towards fashion design, which is what truly characterizes her as a professional.

For six years she has been building A MODO MIO, a brand to invite women to dare to be themselves with garments that go beyond becoming messages, attitudes, lifestyles and a personal statement, first of the designer, of how she see the things, and after each of the people who wear the garments.

Francesca's challenge is to design garments that incorporate different embroidery techniques, exclusive prints and materials, creating unique garments that break the mold, that make forms of expression available to each woman, that are magic and transmit magic.

Francesca highlights moments and experiences, playing with symbols and realities that characterize us and thus creates pieces that attract attention and offers an unconventional garment.

Every day she wakes up convinced that she can help fulfill dreams and give women an alternative to live "A MODO MIO"

“A MODO MIO is a declaration of intent: my eyes see life like this... that different, that many colors, that much... Or little. This is my story, told my way, because I want to change the rules for better, more generous and calm ones, I want conversations that start with a piece of clothing and end with a change in the way we perceive each other.”